Ten-year-old, College Student Die in Separate Ski Accidents Near Beijing

一位之前在北京组织滑雪旅游活动的人说:“我担心这些滑雪场都太挤了,滑雪者们通常技术不精却又好高骛远。即使你自己没有冒险,但是你总会遇到一个失控的滑雪者,就算他的水平不够 ,不应该往下滑,但他最后还是从上面滚了下来。”


Two tragic deaths of skiers in Beijing-area resorts over the past three days have called attention to safety on local slopes.


According to Chinese news reports, a 10-year-old Beijing boy died on Wednesday (January 18) afternoon at the Thaiwoo Ski Resort in Chongli, about a 4-hour drive drive from Beijing.


The boy was found by the Thaiwoo ski patrol but was pronounced dead on arrival at the emergency room, according to Renmin Hospital in Chongli. According to one witness at the hospital, the boy’s father said he has been skiing for three or four years and was familiar with the slope he was found on. The cause of the accident is unknown and the resort has asked anyone who may have witnessed the accident to contact the resort.


The accident comes less than 48 hours after another deadly accident on the slopes of Chongli.


On January 16, a Peking University graduate student was killed in an accident at Wanlong Ski Resort. Witnesses said the accident was severe, and a social media picture of the alleged scene of the accident seems to indicate the student veered off the slopes to hit a tree.


The accidents come at a time when many are considering trips to the slopes for the Chinese New Year holiday.


Skiing is witnessing a boom in Beijing and in China overall, where the number of resorts has increased dramatically over the past decade. Additionally, Beijing’s selection as host of the 2022 Winter Olympics has also sparked widespread interest in the sport.

在北京乃至整个中国,越来越多的人喜欢滑雪,过去十年里,滑雪场的数量急剧增加。 此外,北京入选为2022年冬季奥运会的主办方也引发了广大人民对这项运动的兴趣。

However, safety sometimes takes a back seat to unbridled enthusiasm among skiers and profit among resorts, resulting in occasional overcrowding on the slopes.


“What worries me about a lot of these places is they get crowded, and oftentimes the skiers are under-skilled and over-ambitious,” said one former organizer of ski trips in Beijing. “Even if you don’t take risks yourself, you’re always at risk from an out-of-control skier who has ended up coming barreling down a slope they have no business coming down.”

一位之前在北京组织滑雪旅游活动的人说:“我担心这些滑雪场都太挤了,滑雪者们通常技术不精却又好高骛远。即使你自己没有冒险,但是你总会遇到一个失控的滑雪者,就算他的水平不够 ,不应该往下滑,但他最后还是从上面滚了下来。”

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Meanwhile Sam Goodman, a parent who frequently goes skiing with his family, said several precautions need to be taken on Beijing’s slopes such as always wearing a helmet, ensuring you use quality equipment, and sticking to the hills that are appropriate for your level.


Whenever Goodman hits the slopes with his daughter, who is also ten years old, he tries to snowboard behind her so that he can keep an eye on how she is doing and watch out for the other people navigating the hill around them. He said: “It’s like driving in a car. You can try to be as safe as you can, but if these idiots around you who can’t control themselves slam right into you from behind, then there’s only so much you can do. So I ask my daughter to not only watch where she’s going, but to also be aware of her surroundings.”


Safety on the Slopes: Getting Out There
滑雪坡上的安全:无法继续时,就离开滑雪场 (点击英文链接,展开阅读)

Safety on the Slopes: How to Fall Over and Get Back Up Again



Eyee Hsu, an expat parent and CCTV news anchor and host, is an avid snowboarder who had both her son and daughter on the slopes when they were mere toddlers. However, she and her husband are reconsidering whether to take family trips to local ski resorts this winter, explaining: “Even though our kids know how to control themselves, we’re worried about going because of the people around them. At Chinese resorts there are so many adults that go, rent equipment, and start skiing but never get the proper instruction. The only way they know how to stop is to fall, so it can be a total hazard out there.”


She recommended that parents have their kids wear helmets and that they use proper fitting equipment. But above all she stressed the need for formal lessons from a qualified instructor, so that children know how to stop and can maneuver safely.


Justin Downes, president of IMG Ski Resort Management & Axis Leisure Management, which was heavily involved in the planning and of development of Chongli’s Secret Garden resort and Thaiwoo’s resort, suggests:


  • Be aware of the ‘Responsibility Code’ of the ski area – each resort will have it posted in the ski hall
  • 记住滑雪场的“责任代码” ——每个滑雪度假胜地都应该把自己的责任代码展示在大厅中
  • Ski within your ability level….if you are a beginner, stay in the beginner area
  • 量力而行——如果你是初学者,就在初学者区域活动。
  • It is always a good idea to get a ski lesson..learn from the experts
  • 建议跟着专业的教练上一节滑雪课
  • Don’t ski too fast, especially in congested areas
  • 不要滑太快,特别是在比较拥挤的区域
  • Wear a Helmet (many resorts now make it mandatory)
  • 戴头盔(许多滑雪度假村现在都强制人们戴头盔)
  • Make sure that the rental technicians adjust your bindings to match your weight and ability level (it is a simple adjustment with a screwdriver)
  • 确保租赁技术人员帮你调整了滑雪设备,以符合你的体重和滑雪水平(只用螺丝刀调整还不够)
  • If snowboarding – you can also rent additional protective equipment (such as wrist guards, knee pads etc)
  • 如果去滑雪——你也可以租用其他的保护设备(如护腕、护膝等)
  • Always watch what is happening in front of you – don’t worry about what is happening behind you (be aware and alert)
  • 时常注意你前面的情形——不要管你身后发生了什么(时常注意、提高警觉)
  • It is helpful to be in some sort of reasonable physical condition
  • 保持良好的身体状况,这有助于滑雪
  • Dress warmly to avoid muscle strains
  • 衣着保暖,避免肌肉拉伤

英文原文转载自www.beijingkids.com, Ten-year-old, College Student Die in Separate Ski Accidents Near Beijing

Photo: Courtesy of Thaiwoo Ski Resort, 供图:太舞滑雪度假胜地

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